Please abide by the following guidelines when making handmade items or your donating material/supplies

Must be new - never worn

Clean – free of perfume, pet hair and smoke

You can choose to print off the Scripture Cards and pin or tie them to your finished creations.

Placed individually in clear ziplock style plastic bags and write the size of the finished hat

Soft yarn is best- cotton, acrylic, silk, fleece or a blend is best. Do not use wool or alpaca as they can irritate the scalp.

We accept baby, children, youth, and adult hats.

Please use patterns that do not have gaps or large holes. A tighter stitch is best so that it covers the scalp. 

Be sure to wash your hands on a regular basis while making the caps.

Please note that it is very important to follow the guidelines above. These items will be donated to patients that already have a compromised immune system. Someone with an allergy to dog dander or perfume would have their allergies amplified more so than what a normal persons would be.

 These guidelines are here to protect the health of the recipient who is receiving the donated item.

We appreciate every donation we receive!

Sew Many Hearts for Healing
C/O Shannon Hebert
7 N Frosty Hill Lane
Winterville, Maine

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