Thursday, June 4, 2015


I designed and made my Sew Many Hearts for Giving t-shirts for when we go to events or have gatherings. 

I used Cricut Design Studio and my subscription I have to them (a must have for a crafter)

I then cut it out on red heat transfer iron on vinyl.

I kept putting this project off thinking it would be hard or I would mess up. It was very easy

For the front of the shirt I just wanted a simple heart with names. I added a little scroll work to give it an elegant look. 

The T-Shirts will be for sale to our volunteers or any of our supporters

The cost for one is $16.00 each. 
email or call Shannon at 207-444-4556

The cost of the t-shirt covers the material used for it to be made. 


Yesterday was our very first round of deliveries for our handmade items that myself and my volunteers made. I was so overjoyed at the warm welcoming we received from Jenn Hogan at Northern Maine Generals Mercy nursing home. Seen above is Crystal Parent one of my volunteers (left) and Myself (right) holding a basket full of crochet hats for their residence. 

Here is Crystal handing off the basket of goodies. We asked Jenn if there was a need for anything at all just let us know. She smiled and stated "yes" I already have something in mind. We were very excited and will  be getting to work on her request. 

What a blessing to put our talents to helping the lord and his children!

My Sister Dawn is smiling down knowing our dream is coming true. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


This week was our very first round of donations as my new Chapter for Crochet for Cancer called "Sew Many Hearts for Giving"
We delivered to four local hospitals in Northern Maine from the Central to Northern Aroostook area.
The one above was delivered to TAMAC in Presque Isle, and as you can see my her bright smile they received them with warm hearts.

Our next visit was to Northern Maine Medical Center in Fort Kent. One of the Oncology nurses came out to receive the basket full of goodies.

(Volunteer -Crystal Parent to the left and Myself Chapter leader to the right)
We also made a delivery to Northern Maine General in Eagle Lake. Again a great warm welcoming from Jenn as seen in the photo below.
She was so excited to share the hats with their residents.
She even had a special request for us to make some adult bibs. We will be working on fulfilling that order soon.

We also delivered to Cary Medical Center later in the week.
Each facility were so appreciative of their basket of hat donations and it truly warmed their hearts.
Myself and my volunteers are always working very hard to continue to reach out to our communities in hopes to place a smile on someone's face. We are also hoping to warm their hearts in the processes.
I cant thank my volunteers enough for all their hard work and dedication.