Saturday, September 24, 2016


Sometimes someone going through cancer just needs a special message to help lift them up. I make a lot of these tiles that are then given to many cancer patients by their loved ones. 


These are so soft, warm and cozy and are just perfect to give as donations to the local hospitals, nursing homes and cancer centers. 

There are several sites online to teach you how to make these very simple blankets. I like the DIY I found at Monkey See, Monkey DIY

No-Sew Tie Blanket Tutorial
CLICK HERE to go to tutorial



Sew Many Hearts for Giving is truly blessed to have so many wonderful volunteers that make handmade items to give to their communities. My volunteers are always working hard all year through to make hats for the cold season.


Rag quilts make the perfect lap quilt for cancer patients going through chemo treatments. There are so many beautiful flannel available now. 

No-Sew Tie blankets are trending right now and are just perfect to give to anyone struggling with an illness. They are cozy and warm and easily washable. We give a lot of these to our local hospitals. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Sew Many Hearts for Giving was honored to have a table at my employers health fair this year. I am truly blessed to work for such an amazing place. Fish River Rural Health gives back to their community by putting a health fair on every summer. This was my first year attending and I was there representing Sew Many Hearts for Giving with my dear friend Gloria. 

We meet many attendees at the far ho were very interested in signing up to be a volunteer

Monday, September 21, 2015


Tess Buswell, Ceil Olmstead, Gloria Clair, Barbara Lovley, Judy Nichols, Crystal Parent, Sue Mornault, and Linda Stevens. 

My wonderful volunteers hard at work. 


I was truly blessed to have nine wonderful volunteers come to my home yesterday to make rag quilts. These ladies help me to make 27 rag quilts to be donated to our local cancer centers and outreach programs in the Northern Maine Community.

I have had to start using the hubby's garage to set up my sewing gathering as we are growing in numbers. I continue to see new volunteers at my gathering and I am so very grateful and thankful for this BLESSING!!
They donated their time without any hesitation. I just love these ladies. I could not continue to grow my chapter if it wasn't for them.
I try to make it a very easy and relaxed gathering. I have everything prepared for them ahead of time and have 4 sewing machines to share with those who do not have a sewing machine and would like to come to the gathering. 
  • I purchase all the material
  • Cut all the flannel into 10" squares
  • I select the prints that coordinate with each other and put them into piles all ready with the count needed to make an easy design.
  • I designed many pattern in microsoft excel of a rag quilt design and then print it off for them to refer to. I print off enough to have at each table. 
  • At times I don't put them into stacks of coordinating fabrics so that they can create a more intricate print design as seen in the example below. I created A, B, C, D, E, F etc., 2" squares that they will place on the stack of different fabric prints when they are working with more than two prints. This was they can follow the pattern without having to lay all the blocks out. 

For example the pattern below calls for 5 prints to be used.
They would go up to the table that has the cut stacks of different fabric prints to choose from and pick out their prints.
I will have at least 3 - 4 rag quilt designs I created for them to also choose from.
They can then look at the design and place the letters on the stack of prints to coordinate with the pattern. 

Place a letter on top of the stack of prints you want that coordinates with the Rag Quilt design you are making. This makes it easier for them to complete their rag quilts and lets them keep all their prints in stacks. They can look at the pattern and pull the print from the stack that has the matching letter card to the block in the rag quilt design.

So for the example rag quilt design above they should have five stacks of five different prints. 

Try a gathering at your own home to make rag quilts for your local cancer centers. With the colder season approaching us here in Northern Maine, this makes a perfect gift for a cancer patient. 


Friday, August 21, 2015


I have created a tool in Microsoft excel that helps in calculating the measurements needed to make a rag quilt at any size using any block size. Entering only a few figures and the rest will calculate the rest for you.  
I am sharing this workbook with all my fellow quilt makers for free.

 It is very basic. However I have taken out all the work of figuring out what you need for yardage per quilt. I have even created a worksheet that will calculate the yardage for each fabric print in the quilt pattern.
Please feel free to offering advise on any way I can enhance this (within my abilities of course).
Please be sure to give created where credit is due if you share my workbook.
I would love to hear from you by adding a comment or emailing me about what you think of this workbook.

Click on the link below to open the workbook. If you would rather have me email you the file you may request this by emailing me at:

You must have Microsoft excel to use this workbook

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Our wonderful volunteers came over to sew rag quilts to be distributed to our local hospitals. We meet some new volunteers as some of our older volunteers brought their friends. 

This is a very simple creation to make. If you an sew a straight seam, then you can sew a rag quilt. 

I was able to clip all seams (to make the seam rag) wash all their wonderful creation, shave all the pilling off them and finish them off with ribbon, a scripture card, and my little poem in just under three weeks. 

These do take a while to complete, so I am always looking for volunteers to sew them so I can complete everything else. 

If you would like to make a rag quilt to be donated to our local Aroostook County, Maine hospital, please contact me at

Below is a link to my sister site with some general instructions on making a rag quilt. 

I also have some patterns for you to follow below. 

Finished size is

Finished size is


Thursday, June 4, 2015


I designed and made my Sew Many Hearts for Giving t-shirts for when we go to events or have gatherings. 

I used Cricut Design Studio and my subscription I have to them (a must have for a crafter)

I then cut it out on red heat transfer iron on vinyl.

I kept putting this project off thinking it would be hard or I would mess up. It was very easy

For the front of the shirt I just wanted a simple heart with names. I added a little scroll work to give it an elegant look. 

The T-Shirts will be for sale to our volunteers or any of our supporters

The cost for one is $16.00 each. 
email or call Shannon at 207-444-4556

The cost of the t-shirt covers the material used for it to be made. 


Yesterday was our very first round of deliveries for our handmade items that myself and my volunteers made. I was so overjoyed at the warm welcoming we received from Jenn Hogan at Northern Maine Generals Mercy nursing home. Seen above is Crystal Parent one of my volunteers (left) and Myself (right) holding a basket full of crochet hats for their residence. 

Here is Crystal handing off the basket of goodies. We asked Jenn if there was a need for anything at all just let us know. She smiled and stated "yes" I already have something in mind. We were very excited and will  be getting to work on her request. 

What a blessing to put our talents to helping the lord and his children!

My Sister Dawn is smiling down knowing our dream is coming true. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


This week was our very first round of donations as my new Chapter for Crochet for Cancer called "Sew Many Hearts for Giving"
We delivered to four local hospitals in Northern Maine from the Central to Northern Aroostook area.
The one above was delivered to TAMAC in Presque Isle, and as you can see my her bright smile they received them with warm hearts.

Our next visit was to Northern Maine Medical Center in Fort Kent. One of the Oncology nurses came out to receive the basket full of goodies.

(Volunteer -Crystal Parent to the left and Myself Chapter leader to the right)
We also made a delivery to Northern Maine General in Eagle Lake. Again a great warm welcoming from Jenn as seen in the photo below.
She was so excited to share the hats with their residents.
She even had a special request for us to make some adult bibs. We will be working on fulfilling that order soon.

We also delivered to Cary Medical Center later in the week.
Each facility were so appreciative of their basket of hat donations and it truly warmed their hearts.
Myself and my volunteers are always working very hard to continue to reach out to our communities in hopes to place a smile on someone's face. We are also hoping to warm their hearts in the processes.
I cant thank my volunteers enough for all their hard work and dedication.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Today was our first gathering. I laid everything out to show how we need to package our donated hats. 

I shared my own patterns and had some literature on our chapter. I had some hats on display so the group of ladies could see how nice these patterns will be. 

Each hat is packaged in a ziplock bag with a Scripture Card inside. 

I placed some Scripture cards in a small basket on the table for them to be able to take to place in their own creations for donation.

I made sure we had plenty of yarn around the living room for everyone. 

I cant thank these wonderful ladies enough for donating their time and materials for this great cause.